/ thee.state.ov.creation by amoeba

An experimental online webVR space from from amoeba, Brighton based designer/AV artist and Brighton University visiting lecturer and studio-LAB co-creatorScott Mcpherson.A modular experimental space, part gallery, AV performance venue and lecture/workshop area.Launching with theerhythmov.vision: A curation of selected works as amoeba in visual music, animation, design, motion graphics, virtual reality and 360 films. Also housing …

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/ Our Machines by Elfyn Round

Our Machines is a multi-media design company developing new ways of telling stories with and about archival material. This development project with Studio-LAB has been initiated to create a series of Virtual Reality exhibitions with a selection of collaborators. Here the space has been developed using collages by Paul Burgess and analogue film stock from …

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/ airTime by Judith Ricketts

Media Content: Real-world augmented reality; video, audio and image.Delivery: Geo-tagged location over Wi-Fi, UK. This is a playful venue housing the work airTime work commissioned in 2019.  The work uses encoded visual markers to work in two ways; Firstly, markers in the vicinity of America Ground are designed to reveal immediate parts of the story of between 1 – …

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