/ About

studio-LAB is a project funded by the University of Brighton’s Research & Enterprise and Creative Futures funds, awarded by the School of Art and the School of Media.

Louise Colbourne initiated the project with an objective to create an accessible ‘maker space’ within Virtual Reality and shared spatial environments. This VR facility is run via a web-XR based platform, hosted on the studio-LAB blog.

studio-LAB offers students and staff at the University of Brighton the opportunity to use the platform to develop their project with some initial guidance and support. Projects may include; exhibition design, non-linear 3D installations, moving image installation, 360 photography, photogrammetry, sound and performance. The project makers can meet invited visitors into their spaces for demonstrations, lectures and curating initiatives.

Please contact Louise: L.A.Colbourne@brighton.ac.uk
Please visit the posts and here is how to navigate inside Mozilla Hubbs:


/ Accessibility
These spaces created can be experienced on all types of devices via any browser on desktop/mobile or tablet. Moving around is via the WASD keys on keyboards to walk forward backwards left and right, and looking around by moving the mouse around. On phones or tablets you walk around by pinch zooming-in on the screen to walk around touching the video you want to play onscreen or using the onscreen menu to share your devices camera or talk and interact with others in the room.
For a fully immersive 3d VR experience use any VR headset [oculus quest/rift/htc vive/valve index etc] using your VR Headsets web browser of choice.

/ The project was developed by Louise Colbourne and amoeba
The website was developed with service of existence; and Our Machines, Judith Rickets and Elfyn Round also helped by testing the possibilities within their developmental projects.