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Media Content: Real-world augmented reality; video, audio and image.
Delivery: Geo-tagged location over Wi-Fi, UK.

/ visit the pavillion here: Virtual Pavilion WEB_VR 

This is a playful venue housing the work airTime work commissioned in 2019.  The work uses encoded visual markers to work in two ways; Firstly, markers in the vicinity of America Ground are designed to reveal immediate parts of the story of between 1 – 2 mins – of Augmented Reality media. Secondly, the placement of markers at intersecting points in the space leads us through map co-ordinates to other places in the physical space, where concealed in the bungaroosh are other un-remembered stories. Illustrated here in the virtual pavilion are the digital media posters for the physical space, together with a selection of other experimental media.

/ video walk-throughs can be found here: http://studio-lab.co.uk/video/

The design of the virtual pavilion is influenced by Modernist architect Mies Van Der Rohe’s ‘German national pavilion or as it became known the ‘Barcelona Pavilion‘ built in 1929. The original building, intended as an international exhibition space was dismantled some months after its completion.  
It was some 50 years later in 1983 that a group of Catalan architects resurrected the building from photographs and drawings in tribute to the original building which by then had become legendary.

The Barcelona Pavilion appealed, as the basis for the Virtual Pavilion for reasons of its own history and reconstruction, together with its semi-permeable nature allowing the outside into the interior space.  These are both the perfect metaphors for the making of this playful space, purposed for collaborating, prototyping and for allowing new narratives into the archives. My practice is centred on the forensic reconstruction and reinterpretation of the past, for future archives.

About the artist:
Judith RIcketts
Lecturer; Design for digital Media, Games Art and animation courses.
/ https://lovespictures.com/
/ @lovespictures__ 

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