_ Do I need a Virtual Reality Headset to view these spaces – No works on any browser on a computer, tablet or phone & in Vr Headsets.

_ How do I walk around in the space if im not in VR – On a computer or laptop keyboard use the W A S D keys to walk around .
On a phone/tablet pinch to zoom and walk.

_ How do I walk around in the space if i am in VR – Teleport around the space, using your controllers to interact as normal as you would in your VR Headsets web browser of choice.

_ Do I need to download any software – No but if you want to do more than just look around then makes sure to click Yes when the browser asks for permission to use your microphone and camera then you can chat and share your laptop/phone/tablets screen with other people in the virtual space.

_ How do I interact with objects or play videos – On a computer/laptop keyboard roll the mouse over a video and press play or click on an object that can be interacted with only If the spaces designer has allowed it, you can also import your own 3d objects from the on screen menus and on screen help.